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The Forgotten Pen Collection

While on a hunt for a certain type of pen, I remembered that I had a basket of pens in the bottom of a drawer that I hadn’t looked at for a long, long time. Pulling out the basket and rummaging through it was like going on a journey back through time. There were pens in there that are over 25 years old! Sheaffer pens that I gave to my husband while we were still dating, mechanical pencils that I used while learning Mandarin over 10 years ago, 3 pens that light up, 2 pens with aliens on them, a fish pen, a wooden pen painted to look like a Russian doll, metallic contour pens with toxic xylene in them and the list goes on. I don’t even remember where many of these came from.

After sitting inactive for so long, I wondered which pens would still write. Most of the old BIC and Paper Mate ballpoints, Pentel Hybrids, random highlighters, rollerball and alien pens were pretty much dried up and dead. Interestingly, the edding 751 metallic contour pens worked like they were fresh out of the package (thanks to the toxic xylene perhaps?). A group of BIC Brite Liners were still nice and bright and useable. A few color Sharpie markers still had some oomph. A couple of Paper Mate ballpoints worked with some coaxing, and some not-too-ancient Pilot BP-S ballpoints worked just fine.

The one old pen that stood out above them all was the STAEDTLER Liquid Point 415 in black, made in Germany. I definitely expected this pen to be all dry and crusty, but it worked like a dream with a nice, consistent, wet black line. This makes me feel confident that the unique DRY SAFE feature found in other STAEDTLER pens will actually enable the pens to be left uncapped for days at a time without drying up, and perhaps even to sit in a drawer untouched for 10 years and still be usable. (I think I’m going to experiment with some other STAEDTLER pens to see what happens.) It does say something for the enduring quality of the STAEDTLER brand.

Do you ever discover old pens hidden around your house? What’s your most interesting or favorite discovery?

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I just saw this post and I must admit that I am super jealous that you have have one of those Staedtler pens!! I have been looking for what I call "the bee pen" for over 10 years. Talk about being bummed out that they are not sold anymore!

Where can I buy the Staedtler liquid point pens?
Jim Hathaway

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