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Live Inspired “Her Words” Composition Notebook Review

Compendium’s “Her Words” composition notebooks are adorned with elegant illustrations and poetry by Monique Duval, inspiring you to explore, imagine and create.

I’ve been using the “She decided to free herself...” version of this notebook that has this inspirational hand-written poetry on the front cover: “She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky”. The cover illustration consists of an old fashioned bird cage with silhouettes of many birds flying free in the sky above it. Also written on the bottom of the back cover beside an illustration of two feathers is: “It is here where she must begin to tell her story.”

The “Her Words” notebook has a laminated cover that is somewhat flexible and it is glue bound with color-coordinated book tape on the spine. Inside the front cover is this additional inspiration: “This is a space for dream words, love words, made up words, flying words, fall down and get up words. Get to know the sound of your own inner voice. Be creative. Be generous. Be bold.”

The regular size version of the composition notebook is 7” x 10” and there is also a mini version that is 4” x 5.5”. Both sizes contain 60 lined pages that are ivory color and seem to be about 80gsm. There are margins around the entire page with the largest being at the top and second largest at the bottom. The lines are spaced approximately 7mm apart and in my notebook they are a pale green color. Once every several pages there is a page with a small illustration in the bottom right corner – in this instance it is green feathers, but other versions of the notebook have pictures of a bird, a high-heeled shoe, a bicycle, a ladybug, cherries, a key and oak leaves with acorns.

In my opinion this paper has slightly above average performance with fountain pens, with the biggest issue being some ink bleed through. I find I can write on both sides of each page without any problem when I am using a fountain pen with a fine nib. One thing that I really like about it as a left-handed writer is that fountain pen ink dries quite quickly on this paper reducing greatly the chance of smearing any ink. In fact, while flipping through all my notes I couldn’t find any smears! Take a look at the writing sample and judge for yourself:

“Her Words” composition notebooks come in a variety of cover colors and designs, each with a different inspirational poetry excerpt on the front cover. These make great gifts for yourself or a creative friend! Do you use any inspirational notebooks? What is your favorite?

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