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Personalize Your Planner

Each day of your life is different from any other that has ever been lived, so why shouldn't your planner be as unique as you are? With the right tools there are endless possibilities for decorating the outside if your planner, and lots of fun ways to add some pizazz to the inside.

Sakura makes fantastic, fun gel pens that are used worldwide, but they also have special gel pens that can really make a project pop-- literally. The ink in the Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze Gel Pen and Sakura Souffle Gel Ink Pen actually dries slightly raised! You control the ink flow based on speed and pressure so you can create designs with awesome colors and textures! As a girl who is a big fan of shiny, sparkly things I also love the Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust Gel Pens and Sakura Gelly Roll Dark Stardust Gel Pens, the glitter is especially pretty against the darker ink colors.

Sakura also makes a very unique tool, the Sakura Quickie Glue Pen allows you to glue down your favorite sequins or cut-outs to your planner, or for sprinkling down some loose glitter. Equally creative is the Pentel Deco Petit, a decorative tape that allows you to create fun, fast borders and other embellishments.

If you would rather design with more traditional gel pens I would highly recommend the STAEDTLER Triplus Gel-liner Set. The ink in these pens is light-fast, waterproof, and indelible which means the design you create will last through the year and beyond. I also really like the Tombow Twin Highlighters, not only are these double-ended highlighters great for studying and planning, but you can alternate the broad and fine tips to do some impressive doodling.

For an extra-personal touch I love adding photos in my planner-- kind of doubles as a scrapbook! Photo Corners make doing this super easy, and they're also perfect for adding concert tickets or other keepsakes! Speech Balloon Scratch Stickers and Frame Stickers are fun ways to "narrate" your pictures, or to help highlight important events in your planner.

Now that you have this planner packed full of your plans, ideas, pictures, and artwork keep it all safe and secure with a Bicycle Clip or the Quo Vadis Elastic Bookmark!

Do you decorate your planner? Leave us a comment with your favorite tools and tricks!

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