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Art Deco 7321 Journal

Le Petit Prince Journal from Art Deco 7321

From the moment the Art Deco 7321 Journals arrived in our shop I knew I had to have one. The quality cloth bound covers and storybook themes of these journals remind me of books I loved as a child.

The My Roman Collection Journal that I picked out has 120 sheets of ivory color college ruled paper. I'm not sure exactly what weight this paper is, but it must be at least 90 or 100g. The lines do not go all the way to the paper's edge - there is about a 3/8" margin around the page so the journal paper has a nice solid color appearance on the edges when the journal is closed.

I found that this paper works quite well with fountain pens. I've tried using several fountain pens all with different inks and found that with most of the pens & ink I tried there is very little or no ink that bleeds through the paper. One of my very inky LAMY Safaris bleeds through the paper a little bit, and my J. Herbin Vert Pre and Noodler's Nightshade inks feather a little bit on this paper. Depending on the color of the ink and the width of the nib you can lightly see the writing through the paper, but I write on both sides of the pages without any problems and the writing is easy to read. The ink drying time is pretty fast on this paper, which is important for a lefty like me.

This paper also pairs very well with rollerball pens. I tested it with Pelikan Pelikano, Kaweco Sport and Pentel Tradio rollerball pens, all filled with black ink, and they all performed very very well. 

Another thing I like about the Art Deco 7321 Journals is the size. They are compact enough that you can easily carry them, but they are not so small that they are difficult to open. I like the feel of the cloth cover in my hand. The binding is a good quality stitched binding that you can even turn 360 degrees and not worry about pages falling out.

Art Deco 7321 Journals are a pleasure to use and make great gifts! They are available with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Dear Alice, My Roman Collection and Le Petit Prince covers.

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Your decription of the art deco journal was very informative and complete. Makes buying this journal an easy pick. Thanks!!

Hi, What's in the custom Noodler's mix?
Regards, JRD

The custom Noodler's mix is 1 part Navajo Turquoise and 5 parts Noodler's Yellow. It is shown on the far right in the upper row of this ink chart:
I really like this color. It's a nice bright green, but still dark enough to read easily. - Cheryl

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