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Noodler's Baystate Inks

Noodler’s Baystate Fountain Pen Inks are highly saturated and are known for their extremely intense colors. Their inspiration comes from vintage American inks from the 1940’s and earlier. It’s hard to find another blue fountain pen ink that even comes close to the vibrancy and intensity of the color of Noodler’s Baystate Blue! (Does something like that even exist these days?) Concord Grape is an intense dark purple color and Cape Cod Cranberry is a very vibrant pink color.

Baystate inks are more saturated than other Noodler’s Inks and are also a different pH. Most Noodler’s Inks are pH neutral, and the vintage inks they are modeled after are acidic, but Noodler’s Baystate inks are slightly alkaline and should only be mixed with other colors with the Baystate label.

Caution should be used when using the Baystate inks in vintage fountain pens or pens that have light or brightly colored barrels. Due to the amount of color saturation, they can possibly stain the materials the pen is made of and can even stain metal nibs! It’s best to stick to dark colored modern pens if you want to enjoy the vibrancy of these ink colors. Actually, if you are worried about staining anything you might not want to use these brightly colored inks.

The Baystate colors vary in their properties. Baystate Blue is waterproof when dry, Concord Grape is only partially waterproof and Cape Cod Cranberry is not waterproof. Of course, mixing these colors will affect the properties of each.

It seems that this is a rather controversial type of ink and fountain pen users either hate it or they love the Baystate inks. Personally, I think the Baystate Blue is such a fabulously vibrant blue color that it is worth finding just the right fountain pen to use it in. What do you think of Noodler’s Baystate inks?

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I love the Baystate Blue and having been warned about its clogging properties, I just use it in a "disposable" fountain pen that I emptied and took apart and then refilled with an eyedropper.

I LOVE Bastate Blue and have been using it in my Jinhao 165 with perfect results. I believe it is a fine nib, possibly a medium. (Not sure)

Hi Tim and Kim,

Thanks for your input about Baystate Blue ink. It's such a fabulous color and there is really nothing like it!

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