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Gift Ideas for Artists

With its elegant glossy black color and long slender body, the LAMY Joy Fountain Pen is the perfect tool to inspire your favorite artist to create fabulous pieces of art. This pen was originally designed for calligraphy, but we have modified it by replacing the calligraphy nib with a regular LAMY fountain pen nib that is good for drawing. From our own experience, this fountain pen is also suitable for left-handed writers and artists.

LAMY Joy Fountain Pen

Noodler's Ink is available in several shades of brown for artists that like to draw detailed pictures in sepia tones. I've seen sketches done using Noodler's Walnut, and I think any of their brown inks would look great in drawings. J. Herbin and Pelikan also make fabulous brown fountain pen inks useful for sketching. If the artist you know uses wash or watercolors with their artwork, then a black fountain pen ink that is also waterproof would be a good gift. Noodler's Ink makes several "bulletproof" or waterproof black inks including Noodler's Black, Polar Black (which is freeze resistant even in very cold climates!) and The Heart of Darkness.

Noodlers Ink Browns

A Clairefontaine Drawing Pad has the perfect paper to complement a fountain pen and ink. The 120g acid-free paper in the notepad shown below is multi-purpose and can be used for pen, pencil, charcoal or pastel drawing. For the artist that uses mostly watercolors, then a Clairefontaine Watercolor Pad with 300g acid-free paper would be the way to go as it is designed for watercolor, gouache, or wash drawing. When your favorite artist receives these gifts perhaps they will even surprise you with a gift of art in return!


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My brother, who is an awesome artist, got a very similar gift set for a graduation present and he absolutely loves it.

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