May 08, 2013

Graduation Gifts 2013

The 2013 school year has almost come to a close for many happy, relieved and proud Graduates. What will you get your Grad to celebrate their accomplishments? We’re happy to share a few of our ideas.

1) The 5 Book

The 5 Book has got to be one of the ultimate gifts for any Graduate. As Grads enter college or the work force they face the challenge of setting goals and making many decisions. What can help? The 5 Book was designed to stimulate thinking and direct your Grad to goals they can use to map out the next five years of their life. Really, I think just about every one of us could use this book.

(Aurora Style Fountain Pen in the color Aquamarine)

2) A Classy Pen

A classy pen can last a lifetime and then be passed on to a future generation of Graduates. Even in a world full of technology a fantastic pen is a gift that is really appreciated. Chances are your Grad has not yet experienced the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen. The sleek modern design of the Aurora Style fountain pen was created with young professionals in mind. Fill it with some Aurora fountain pen cartridges in a deep black ink and impress a hipster!

(Delta Vintage Rollerball Pen in the color Deep Ocean)

If you feel that a fountain pen is a little too old-fashioned for your Grad, a quality rollerball pen that can be refilled with fountain pen ink is a good alternative. A classy rollerball pen works well when signing documents that produce multiple carbon copies. Pulling out a beautiful Delta Vintage rollerball pen for the signature that finalizes a deal is sure to impress! J. Herbin ink cartridges in the color Bleu Nuit would be a nice match.

3) Leather Pen Case

When you invest in the gift of a classy pen, a genuine leather pen case is the perfect accessory. It protects your pen from damage when it is carried in a purse or briefcase. Aston Leather has many fine leather pen cases to fit your Grad’s needs. The Aston single pen leather slip case is a simple, reasonably priced popular choice that comes in three choices of  color.

4)  Rhodia Meeting Book

The Rhodia Meeting Book can help keep a young professional entering the business world organized and on top of their project deadlines and goals. It’s more than just for work meetings though – the layout is based on a method of note taking designed by a professor at Cornell University. This note taking method can help any college student refresh their memory for mid-terms and finals.

(Moleskine Audio Cassette Journal)

5) A Unique Journal

This is an action packed, eventful time of a young person’s life. A unique journal is a great outlet for emotions and channeling creativity. The Moleskine Audio Cassette Journal celebrates the 50th anniversary of the audio cassette with a fun retro design..

6) Eurogames

Chances are your Grad could use some inexpensive R&R with their friends. Why not introduce them to a Eurogame and they can discover for themselves why these games are increasingly popular! Settlers of Catan is a great gateway to the world of Eurogames.

Do you have a Grad in your life? What gift ideas or special plans do you have in mind for them?

Want to win a $25.00 gift certificate to spend at Writer's Bloc? See the comments below for details!

April 10, 2013

From This Day Forward: Wedding Guest Book

From This Day Forward: Wedding Guest Book is part of Compendium’s Live Inspired collection which is meant to inspire, motivate and celebrate the world we love and live in. The inspirational quotations contained in this wedding guest book are sure be part of what will make this book a cherished memory of a couple’s special day.

Instead of just being a registry book for wedding guest names and addresses, the layout of the From This Day Forward wedding guest book is meant to inspire guests to share meaningful advice on how to have a happy life together. As friends and family write on the lined white pages in this book they will read an inspirational quotation on the facing page. The inspirational pages are a understated light-taupe color and are adorned with elegant white botanical and floral designs.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book are “It’s not where you go or what you do in life, it’s who you have beside you” - unknown, and “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

From This Day Forward is hard bound and is covered in a neutral light-taupe cloth with white and dark brown foil stamping. There is a matching ribbon book marker to assist in finding the right page. There are 80 pages – half are lined for guests to write on and the other half have quotations. Each wide-ruled page has 14 lines.

My favorite fountain pen to match this guest book would have to be the taupe colored Pelikan Classic M205.

My first choice for ink would be a dark taupe brown color of ink such as J. Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil.

If you would rather use a gel pen, then I would recommend the classy silver tone Pentel EnerGel Alloy RT Gel Pen that comes with a black ink cartridge. Your left-handed guests will not smear the EnerGel ink!

Are you planning on getting married this year? Congratulations and best wishes from all of us here at Writer’s Bloc!

December 05, 2012

Trending Taupe

Taupe is a neutral color that is frequently used in the world of fashion, interior design, graphic design and elsewhere. According to Wikipedia the word “taupe” comes from the Latin name for the European mole and was originally used to describe the average color of the actual animal. Today, the word taupe is used to refer to varying shades ranging from grayish-brown, tan, rose taupe and more.  It is also the most popular color for leather sofas! The color taupe also appears in the world of notebooks, ink and fountain pens.

In 2012 Pelikan created a special edition M205 fountain pen in the color taupe that will only be available for a limited period of time. This sophisticated color subtly stands out of the crowd of traditional black fountain pens. It’s definitely on my want list!

For a matching ink color, I would fill my Pelikan M205 fountain pen with J. Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil fountain pen ink which I would call a dark brown taupe color. For a contrasting ink color, I would choose Tanzanite from Pelikan’s Edelstein Ink collection. This blue-black ink would be a nice complement to the classy taupe body of the fountain pen.

Leuchtturm 1917 created one of their thoughtfully designed lined journals with numbered pages with a taupe cover. The soft ivory color of the paper in this journal really makes a brown shade of ink pop on the page.

Even hipsters like the color taupe as evidenced in this funky retro design “Doing Good and Feeling Good” Write Now journal from Live Inspired.

If you prefer a journal with bright white paper, there are a limited number of taupe Quo Vadis Habana Journals available while they last. The Clairefontaine paper in the Habana journal works great with fountain pens.

To top it all off, I would paint my nails with Opi “Over the Taupe” nail polish. Yeah, that’s right, even my fingers would match my fountain pen, ink and journal.

Even my cat Rori has a taupe chin and taupe spots!

I’m afraid that once I buy the Pelikan M205 in taupe I will also need to get a matching Fiat 500 in my favorite color they call “punk grey”. Think of how good I will look driving this car!

Do you have any favorite products or designs in the classic color of Taupe?

August 01, 2012

Rhodia Pad Holder Review

Rhodia Pad Holders are like classy dinner jackets for your Rhodia notepad! Over the past couple of years Rhodia has expanded their selection of orange and black pad holders to fit 8 different sizes of Rhodia pads. If you’re a fan of Rhodia’s iconic super-smooth graph paper, you may be wondering if one of these pad holders with pen loop should be adorning the top of your desk.

The Rhodia pad holder is made of a lightly grained leather-like material with an embossed Rhodia logo on the front cover. The cover is stitched together around the edges with matching thread and the exterior comes in either bright orange or classic black. The cover material is quite durable and is an attractive way to protect your Rhodia pad especially if you like to toss it in your purse or carry it in a pocket or briefcase.

The interior of the pad holder is black and has 2 pockets. One pocket is designed to hold the back cardboard cover of your Rhodia pad and the front cover too - if you flip the front cover back behind the notepad it will hold it out of the way. The other pocket is there to hold business cards, notes, receipts or whatever you want to save or keep handy.

The cover itself is flexible, so if you’re looking for a stiff-as-a-board cover with firm support this is not it. However, the cover definitely does add some support to your Rhodia notepad while you are writing.

Originally, Rhodia pad holders did not have a pen loop, but this is now a standard feature on all of the newest covers. The pen loop seems to be made out of the same material as the cover so it is not stretchy like an elastic is. This loop must have been designed specifically to hold the triangular Rhodia pencil since it fits perfectly, so perhaps this should be called a pencil loop instead. A slim pen such as the Pentel Slicci gel pen will also fit in this pencil loop. It’s a practical feature if you need to have a writing instrument on hand at all times.

Are you using a Rhodia Pad Holder? What size do you use and what particular writing instrument do you keep in the pencil loop?

Rhodia Pad Holders are currently available in these sizes:

3.5” x 4.5” (fits Bloc No. 11)
3.75” x 5.25” (fits Bloc No. 12)
3” x 8.25” (fits Bloc No. 8)
4.5” x 6.25“ (fits Bloc No. 13)
5.75” x 5.75” (fits Bloc No. 148)
6” x 8.75” (fits Bloc No. 16)
8.25” x 11.75” (fits Bloc No. 18)
8.25” x 8.25” (fits Bloc No. 210)


July 18, 2012

Get Back to Class 2012!

Okay let's face it. Almost no one is excited about going back to school just yet but here are some fun and handy items that can make going back to school a little less painful.

1) Staedtler Mechanical Pencil. The loyal pencil is a must have for every student. The ergonomic design of this mechanical pencil is noticeably comfortable for those long homework hours. The triangular barrel sits effortlessly in your hand for minimal fatigue. The design of the pencil makes it so you can use up to 95% of each lead unit! The texture of the pencil is also notable. It isn't smooth and glossy like some other pencils but slightly rubbery feeling completely up and down the barrel. This feature encourages the hand to relax as you won't have to squeeze it to get a good grip. The handy Staedtler Triplus Mobile Office also features a mechanical pencil.

2) Pelikano 2010 fountain pen paired with a Pelikan Ink Eradicator and royal blue ink. Pelikan pens are designed for students and professionals alike. On the top of our list for students is the Pelikano 2010. An attractive and affordable fountain pen that is made to be comfortable enough to write all day and durable enough to last all year in your pencil pouch, backpack, clipped to your planner etc. The wonderful thing about this brand is the awareness they have about the needs of their writers. Universal ink cartridges fit in the pens so you can utilize a wide variety of inks if you prefer not to use bottled ink. Pelikan giant ink cartridges are significantly larger than typical cartridges so you get the most amount of writing and the least amount of interruptions while you work. Let's say you cannot resist the lure of beautiful glistening bottles of colors and shades of fountain pen ink. Don't worry, you can use the Pelikan ink converter for endless possibilities of bottled ink options. If you are like me, the thought of having pages and pages of colorfully marked class notes (boxed, dotted, arrowed) is just as appealing as a wonderful closet full of pair after pair of colorfully designed shoes!

We cannot mention Pelikan fountain pens without giving kudos to the Pelikan Ink Eradicator. Most people would agree white-out has its place on their love-hate list. The ink eradicator is a dual-tipped tool that is a great alternative to stinky, messy white-out. The tool is easily used just like a marker to erase blue fountain pen ink. Just like that! Yes it is true, it mostly only works with royal blue ink so be mindful of your writing task or you may have to bring out that white-out after all. Nonetheless, when the Pelikano fountain pen and ink eradicator are paired together, you will find many ways to make this school year the most efficient and effective. For more information on the super sweet Ink Eradicator check out our illustrated blog post.

3) When looking for a pencil case we want something attractive, durable, and easy to keep track of. This is why the Fabrica Bookband is on my list of back to school necessities. The synthetic material is durable enough to handle a beating and yet the design of the pouch is tailored for busy people who need convenient access to their writing tools. The pouch strap fits around many sturdy medium size notebooks, novels or textbooks. You can customize your pencil pouch to be prepared for each subject everyday. Never worry about forgetting your colored pencils for biology, they will be there when you need them.

4) I am so excited to tell you about this year's super stellar notebook and accessories. Myndology is a US brand that has really blown us away. The unique disk binding allows you some of the freedom that you would typically only expect to get from a binder. The Myndology Letter notebook's paper size is the standard 8.5 by 11" and super smooth and thick. The best feature of this notebook is the unique binding method that allows you to extract AND insert pages cleanly. Yes, that's right. You can INSERT graph paper, discreet dividers (with pockets), blank paper (for sketchers), and even index cards all in the same notebook! If you don't like it, you can easily replace the contents with something different. This is ideal for serious students who require the ability to organize their notes to fit their unique style and set of classes. There is one caveat in the matter. This notebook is ideal for college students who usually take great care of their supplies. The convenience of being able to remove/replace pages makes them more prone to wear if not handled properly. For the younger student I would definitely recommend the Clairefontaine three-hole punched notebook. It is perforated, punched, and wire-bound ready for action!

We cannot forget our music students!!! They NEED staff paper. Guess what? It's on our list. Clairefontaine staff paper delivers that great heavy smooth paper quality in a notebook that will stay open on a music stand, but it is not so heavy that it will tip your school music stand over!

Now it's time to mention the fun things to make school fun and interesting this year.

Bob's Your Uncle punctuation page markers. Read something...does it make sense? mark it with a question mark...continue. Yes, you can do that. Don't get lost in your reading assignments! Wanna find that quote in the 800 page novel? Mark it with a quote, move on. Boom! Done! That's why we love these sticky notes.

Every year many students will spend more time with their computer than any other person, place or thing. Let's make it look pretty. Get a laptop skin. Make it yours. Let it shine.

It would be a shame to forget our art students! For all artsy folk what's on the outside of their journal/sketchbook is almost just as important as what goes on the inside. Not only does Clairefontaine have a great selection of fun and funky sketchbooks and watercolor pads to choose from but they all are equipped with sturdy covers and that great quality paper! Go ahead and go wild, you will love their sketchbooks!!

Does this cover everything? Of course not. Are you inspired? Eager? Ambitious? Positive about this year? We surely hope so!


May 23, 2012

Graduation Gift Ideas 2012

Now that your grad is done with school they'll need to stay organized to find that great career and meet their goals! How can you help motivate your grad and keep them on the path to success? They will need good habits and the right materials. Here's what we recommend for any grad who desires to get the most out of their degree.

1. Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner equipped with stick-on pen loop. This planner is more than just a place to keep important dates. Each page has tons of space to write important information and the planner includes stickers for labeling and archiving. Your grad will need to relax after all of their hard work but don't let them miss a beat! You can use this in combination with the Leuchtturm1917 Self-Adhesive Pen Loop and Behance Action Stickers to make sure their great ideas turn into great achievements!

2. Kikkerland Bamboo Head Massager. This handy item will soothe your grad. After all those sleepless nights and finals week terrors they will definitely appreciate a kind massage from a good friend. The tool is small enough to fit in an averaged size purse and the tips are covered for maximum comfort. We can't promise your hair will still look picture perfect after using this but it will sure be worth it!

3. Here. There. At some point everyone appreciates their most loyal and lovable pen. What determines a great pen? Many would agree they want a smooth write, good weight, attractive look, and most of all a good price. There are many preferences and opinions about pens, however, we find many treasure the gift of a fountain pen. Not only are your ink colors and options much wider when you use a fountain pen, they also tend to live much longer than other pens. Your grad will be sure to appreciate the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen. It comes in seven great colors from bright yellow to crisp white. Each pen has 10 nib options so it won't be hard customizing the right look and feel for your friend.

4. Book Darts. So many books, pages, things to read and remember. These will help your grad find information quickly and easily without using sticky notes that occasionally fall out and tend to look messy. These darts are designed to be very discreet and friendly to any page, even the most delicate thin pages. They are designed to help you re-find and recall important points and quotes, but you can also use them as bookmarks for casual reading or in your favorite planner, magazine, or cookbook. Speaking of cookbooks, your grad will be doing a lot more cooking therefore they will need...

....5. Bob's Your Uncle- Soup to Nuts Grocery List Pad to help them stay within their budget. Before that dream job your grad has their heart set on finally comes along, they will need to manage their money. You can help with a smart shopping list to make sure they don't overspend.

6. The 1 Book and The 5 Book. There are so many possibilities and decisions to make after graduation. These inspirational journals published by Compendium are designed to help your grad set goals and achieve them. Carefully written and thought-provoking, these journals will steer your grad toward success!


May 09, 2012

Compendium Family Interview Journals

Did you know Compendium makes a series of inspirational and interactive books that are intended to help us draw close to our families? Wow! Who would think that a company would actually care about the things we want to remember about our families. The things they said. The lessons we learned.

This book series is meant to serve as a collection of interview journals. We all know what a normal journal is but what really is an interview journal? Well, have you ever conducted an interview yourself? No doubt the purpose was to quench your growing curiosity and gather information you can both use and keep. Possibly even pass on. If you've been through this, you probably also found that at some point you run out of questions! What if you're still thirsting for more knowledge but you just don't know how to proceed? Well this is where these carefully thought-out journals come to save the day. They have the questions already printed and waiting for your answers. You ask the question on each page and write down the answer. It is that easy. Who better to learn about than our own family and its history? What better information to hold onto and guard as irreplaceable?

Each book is tailored and special from the others. Let's talk about grandpa's book first: Grandpa His Stories His Words. The cover has a fine texture to it like all of the books. The pages are a nice cream color and have a regal design that decorates each page. The questions cover topics ranging from favorite foods and pets to growing up and who his favorite president was. Ask about his parents and what they were like; if and when they immigrated to this country. We think of grandpa as a hero. Every hero has a journey that made them that way. Find out more about his journey.

My Grandma Her Stories Her Words, beautifully crafted in cream and wine red, gives us a chance to tap into grandma's wisdom. Ask her about her recipes (if she'll let you in on her food secrets) and how she got through the tough times in her life. Our grandmothers offer us so much comfort and joy along with great laughter. She'll no doubt have as much fun answering as you will listening. The cover is adorned with dainty light blue foliage for a nice feminine touch. Light blue would be great as an ink choice to complement the wine ink lines and white paper. I recommend using the Leuchtturm1917 self-adhesive pen loop in blue to hold your interview pen. This color matches perfectly!

Now on to mom's book, My Mom Her Stories Her Words. The cover is reminiscent of red lipstick we have often seen our mothers put on. The inside is decorated in baby blue/turquoise with varying embellishments from page to page. These pages are white with attractive blue lines. Now you can find out exactly how dad met mom and which of her parents' rules drove her crazy. Our moms taught us the most about life. Don't miss your chance to hear about hers. 

My Dad His Stories His Words is for Dad. His mind may be the hardest to penetrate sometimes. You would be amazed at what you can learn from your father. The book contains white pages that are adorned by jade green lines. Fathers are often the quiet ones of the bunch. This is a great way to really get his thoughts and opinions and see what experiences shaped who he is and possibly what he wanted for his children. 

The family interview journals are all the same size and look quite attractive next to each other on a bookcase. The pages are all very smooth and great quality. Just a bit larger than a photo, these books are not heavy or cumbersome but fit nicely into any bag or purse.

You will love the stories you hear and the things you possibly never knew.

If you are giving these books as gifts, I recommend getting cute, small matching pens and a self-adhesive pen loop. There aren't always colors that match the books exactly so try contrasting colors that pop and complement. I would also consider ink colors and how they will match or contrast the actual lines in the book. There was so much thought that went into creating these books. You can make them even better by perfecting and customizing your presentation with great ink and a great pen. For example, mom's book has a red cover that would contrast nicely with a nice purple pen loop (of course with a purple or red pen) and a surprise tangerine ink. Or dad's book would do well with a black pen loop and a regal sepia ink to keep the look simple and sharp. 

We really want to hear from you on this one. What do you think about using a family interview journal?

My Dad: His Story. His Words
My Mom: Her Story. Her Words
My Grandpa: His Stories. His Words
My Grandma: Her Stories. Her Words.


July 13, 2011

Karol's Wish List

Working at Writer’s Bloc I get to see all of the wonderful merchandise that comes in and out of our store. New shipment day is always exciting, you never know what you're going to get but it is exciting nonetheless. Every time I venture into one of our stock rooms I find something new; a new notebook, a new pen, or a new clever little doodad that would make my life so much easier (or way more interesting). After many trips into our stock rooms and many peeks at our new shipments, I have compiled a wish list. Things I will buy in the near future or things I wouldn't mind receiving as a gift (hint hint). They are as follows:

LAMY AL Star Fountain Pen - Purple

The main reason for my attraction to this pen is the color. The beautiful deep striking purple combined with the silver steel nib makes for a very attractive pen. Another thing I love about this pen is that it is high quality for a reasonable price. I am not yet skilled enough in the the art of writing with a fountain pen to invest in a $100-$200 fountain pen. But at $36.50 I can get a high quality fountain pen that will last. Are you a lefty? The LAMY AL-Star pen in purple is also available with a left handed nib!

J. Herbin Glass Pen

Before working at Writer’s Bloc, I had no idea that glass pens even existed. I have had the privilege of testing the J. Herbin glass pen, and it is hands-down one of the niftiest pens I have ever used. The spiral tip acts as a reservoir for ink which allows you to write several sentences before having to re-dip your pen! J. Herbin Glass pens come in several different colors and designs that are sure to complement your most avid writer.

Quo Vadis Habana Journal

The Habana Journals have always been one of my favorites. They are simple, practical, and sophisticated. The paper quality is fantastic and the elastic closure and inside pocket are great features. This is just a classic notebook that can switch seamlessly from school to work. I have been mostly drawn towards the Taupe color which has been discontinued. However, the Habana Journal is also available in Black, Red, Anise Green and Raspberry with both blank or lined pages.

Bob’s Your Uncle Open Sesame Book

If you are like me, you have several different email accounts and dozens of logins and passwords for this and that. After a while you begin to forget the logins and passwords you don’t use on a daily basis. The Bob's Your Uncle Open Sesame book is our saving grace! You’ll never have to set up multiple usernames and passwords for the same site because you forgot the one you already set up!  Keep all your login information in one place and in alphabetical order! This notebook is a convenient size for easy storage in an inconspicuous area and keeps all your logins safe and organized! 

Rhodia Webnotebook - Large, Lined 

We carry an array of high quality journals at Writer's Bloc, but one of my new favorites is the Rhodia Webnotebook. This journal contains the acclaimed ivory colored 90g Rhodia paper. The one aspect of this journal that really draws me to it is the cover. The cover is extremely smooth and sturdy. The elastic closure and ribbon keeps the journal neat and organized. And if you are like me, you like to stick separate notes, lists, or keepsakes in your journal. The Rhodia Webnotebook comes with a pocket in the back for people like us!

What's on your wish list?

(PS - Since writing this post I was very excited to receive the LAMY AL-Star as a graduation gift!! It pays to write wish lists!)


May 18, 2011

Gifts for Grads 2011!

Graduation season is coming up fast! Here are some great gift ideas to help your special grads take their next step!

Going to College?

Your grad will stand out with these unique laptop skins from Lamb-Lamb in four fun and funky designs - Cat, Stamps, Lamb-Lamb and Lace.

Don’t let your grad miss a beat when taking notes with these Pentel Slicci extra-fine point gel pens! This set of 8 allows students to color coordinate their notes, and these high quality pens will last for page after page of notes!

Help your grad get organized with a Quo Vadis Academic Planner for the 2011/2012 school year. Great for keeping track of classes, assignments, tests and late night study sessions. These academic planners are available now, and yearly planners for 2012 arrive during the summer.

Going to work?

There’s nothing more professional and sophisticated than a bound notebook or journal with the look and feel of leather. The Rhodia Webnotebook is a sophisticated way for your grad to keep meeting notes and jot down billion dollar business ideas.

No young professional should be without a classy fountain pen. The Pelikan M205 is a great choice for your grad's first fountain pen. Don't forget to include a bottle of ink!

Going on Interviews?

Help your grad be armed and ready for job offers with the STAEDTLER Triplus Mobile Office. Includes one ball point pen, highlighter, fineliner, and mechanical pencil. Small and portable, this product is great for staying organized when preparing for a long line of interviews.

Taking a Break?

Let your grad kick back and relax with Agricola from Z-Man Games. A fun, interactive, and strategic board game that will not only pass the time but help your grad to strategize their next move!

Not Sure What To Do?

Encourage your grad to set goals and reach them! The “5” book will help your grad prioritize his or her values, plan for the future and set long term and short term goals that will get them to where they truly want to be.

What is your grad's next step?

December 08, 2010

Gifts for Him

Everybody knows that real men write (or least own a really cool pen). Here are some gift ideas that will satisfy even the manliest of men:

LAMY Dialog 3

The minimalist design of the LAMY Dialog 3 exudes ease and confidence. And the innovative protective valve ensures that this pen will never leak in his briefcase or pocket. 


Ink Mixing Kit and Ink Starter Kit

Perfect for the DIY-ers in your life, give them the pleasure of creating their own colors with these fantastic, fun kits.


Zebra HyperJell Set of 10

All the men I know are either a) in constant need of a pen or b) make sure that there are always pens in his pocket, car, briefcase, and office. I think both types can benefit from this great 10 pen set.


Libelle New York Leather Pen Case

Give him a smooth black leather pen case to keep of all of his new pens safe in his briefcase or desk.


Behance Action Book

Help him take steps to advance in his career by taking careful notes and planning his next steps with the acclaimed Behance Action Book.

WRITERSBLOK Bamboo Notebook

Eco-friendly notebooks that he can keep anywhere, and a portion of the proceeds go to reading programs! Who know he cared so much? :)


Rhodia Weekly Notebook

The stereotype is that men cannot keep track of dates or important events right? Whether this applies to the men in your life or not, give them a chance next year with this functional planner. 

Chicago Express

Trains are cool no matter how old you are. Perfect for lovers of strategy-centered games.

Honestly, I would be happy to receive any of these gifts myself.  Gentlemen, please let us know what you're hoping for when you rip into that box!

December 01, 2010

Gift Ideas for Her

Some stunning, sweet, and special gifts that the women in your life will love:

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen

Simply stunning brushed metal pen in a deep purple color.

J. Herbin La Perle des Encres Fountain Pen Ink 

Classic, beautiful ink from J. Herbin will make the fountain pen lovers in your life swoon. 


STAEDTLER Triplus Fineliner 20 Color Set

Perfect for the color-addicts in your life, this 20 color set will keep them happy for a long time. 


Pilot Parallel Pen Set

A unique and unexpected gift that would be perfect for calligraphers and scrapbooking fans.

Clairefontaine Linicolor Large Meeting Book 

Extremely helpful meeting book for the career-minded woman.

Atomic Soda Tree of Hearts Notebook 

A sweet journal, perfect for a blossoming young lady to chronicle all her life's adventures. 


Exacompta Space 17 Pocket Weekly Planner

New year, new goals. Help her reach them by giving her a great pocket planner!

Hanafuda Card Game

Add something new to ladies night with this fun card game from Japan.  


Of course this is not an all inclusive list, and honestly I'm sure a lot of gentlemen would enjoy some of these as gifts too. Ladies! Please let us know what you are craving this season :)

November 10, 2010

One of a Kind Gift Ideas

It is unlikely that you will find these items on their registry or wish list! Show your loved ones that you know them well with these truly unique products that will surprise and delight them! 

J. Herbin Glass Pen - Surprisingly affordable, each one of these stunning pens is hand blown so each one is as unique as the person you are giving it to.


Platinum 3776 Series Music Nib Fountain Pen in Koi- This breathtaking pen is reminiscent of the glistening scales of a colorful koi fish. The 14K nib is three tined allowing for superior ink flow and italicized writing.


Aurora Optima Demonstrator Fountain Pen- The epitome of luxury boasting red Aurolaide detailing, chrome trim, a rhodium treated 18K gold nib, and a striking clear body. 


Pelikan Edelstein Ink-  Inspired by precious gems, this bottle of beautiful ink is simply stunning.  This gift will be treasured for a very long time. 

Art Deco 7321 My Roman Collection Stamp DIY Kit & Diary - Perfect for goal-oriented adventurers this amazing kit includes an undated planner filled with supplementary pages, a stamp kit, and two illustrated envelopes.  


Carcassone - Haven't tried Eurogames yet? Sit down to a game of Carcassone and find a whole new meaning to game night! Already mastered? Try the Carcassone Inns and Cathedrals or Traders and Builders expansion packs!


The 1 Book - An interactive "playbook" filled with inspiring quotes and questions to help one reflect on the contribution he or she is making to the world.

What's your favorite one-of-a-kind gift? 


August 18, 2010

Back to School 2010

In college all the excitement of Back to School boiled down to finding the best supplies to get some super focused studying done so I could get on with my life. Happily, I graduated this May! In celebration of finally getting out of school, here are my picks and tips for essential college study survival for BACK TO SCHOOL 2010!

Clairefontaine Wirebound Notebook- Large, Ruled w/ Margin, Punched - This notebook is everything you need for versatile note taking. Wire binding lets you flip back and write in your lap when needed, microperforated for a clean and easy tear, and 3-hole-punched if you want to transfer your notes from notebook to binder.

Rhodia Pencils- Hardbox of 25 - Not your little sister's pencils. These stylish pencils by Rhodia are ergonomically designed and hellooo, cool pencil box for your desk! I highly recommend buying stuff that you will use every day in bulk, it will save you money in the the long run.

Zebra Hyper Jell Set of 10 - Break away from the black, blue, and red pens that blot and smear on the page and leak all over your hand. You can do better. These Zebra pens write comfortably and dry fast enough for even the speediest left-handed notetaker in the class.

Platinum Preppy Highlighters - Books, syllabuses, notebooks, study guides... every piece of paper a college student comes across is likely to be highlighted on at some point in time. These refillable highlighters are easier on your wallet and on the environment because you can refill the ink and replace the tips as needed for many semesters to come!

Bob's Your Uncle Punctuation Page Markers - All the best highlighting in the world will not help you if you cannot find the pages you need for class or study group. Use the punctuation on these great markers as a system to help you find what you need for the week!

Quo Vadis Minister Academic Weekly Planner - Trying to keep track of 6 different syllabuses a semester is a difficult task! Compile all important due dates and tests into a planner that you will use frequently, and then pencil in some time for fun!

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen - Fountain pens write with less effort than most ballpoint pens so they are especially awesome for marathon note taking. Also, they can be refilled with your favorite ink colors to make studying slightly more fun. The Tradio Fountain Pen is sleek, stylish, and affordable-- just don't let anyone borrow it (unless you're trying to make a good impression :)

Please share your tips for focused, efficient studying and help all our students out :) Happy New School Year!


February 10, 2010

Kelly's Wish List

Though I am surrounded by hundreds of pens, pencils, and notebooks everyday I cannot possibly (okay, practically) own all of the products that I would like. Here is my wish list of things I would love to call my own. What's on your wish list?

Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen

It was a rare case of love at first sight when I saw the new Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen. That might sound a little extreme, but this shade of deep wine purple is my absolute favorite color and I have been wanting to get a new fountain pen to plan lessons and grade papers when I start student teaching next year.

Pentel Slicci - Set of 8

The Pentel Slicci gel pen has quickly become my favorite everyday pen. It's especially good for jotting down notes in the margins of books and articles since it has such a fine tip. I would love to have this colorful set to start my quest of owning all the colors!

Robert Le Heros Journal

I have always admired the size and feel of the Robert Le Heros journals, and the cover design is so pretty! I am coming to the end of my current Clairefontaine journal, maybe this one will be next!


The best part of this game is that in the heat of serious bean negotiations true personalities come out, and they are often surprising and hilarious. Since so many of my friends own this game I haven't picked it up for myself, but when I move away I will definitely have to buy it and take it with me.

November 18, 2009

Gift Ideas for Handwriters

Recently in the mail I received two cards with personal "handwritten" notations inside. Amidst the bills and junk mail, I found mail I really wanted to read! I realized then that I don't write letters anymore. I either make a call on the cell phone or send off a quick e-mail to those I care about. But there is something so special about receiving a handwritten letter in the mail.

So I am determined to give this simple gift to those who need a bright moment in their day. I have underestimated the value of a personal note that can lift the spirit of others. Old fashioned? Yes, and quaint and sincere.

1st wish: I would like to obtain a LAMY Joy Calligraphy Pen. With a little practice, I think I can not only send a card or letter that will surprise someone, but it can be specially written as a well.

I also need some nice quality fountain-pen-friendly paper to use with my LAMY Joy Calligraphy Pen. Clairefontaine Triomphe stationery tablets and envelopes are just perfect for writing letters!

2nd wish: This wish is for my husband. When we had been married three years I bought him a very nice pen and pencil set. I had engraved on both "3rd". He still has this pen. Now that we are approaching our thirty-seventh anniversary, I would like to get him a really special pen once more.

I think the Platinum President vivid blue fountain pen with a bottle of Noodler's Ink is just what he'd like. I like the color and line and I think he will too.

3rd wish:  Included in the fun stuff I would like to get are the Platinum Preppy Highlighters - set of 5 with St. Patty's Eire & Lighting Blue Noodler's Highlighting Inks.

4th wish:  I have never owned a nice fountain pen. I think for starters, a slim shiny black Lamy Safari fountain pen would be nice.

As an aspiring writer, these are all gifts that I would love to receive and I feel that other writers would love to receive them too! --Lorraine

November 11, 2009

Check out the Greenery - Gift Ideas

What is more peacful or refreshing than looking out over a sprawling green medow or hiking past majestic green trees? Green exemplifies our home of Portland, Oregon-- young, fresh, intellectual, and environmentally friendly to a fault. If you have friends that share our love of green, they will love these gifts!

Clairefontaine Basic Clothbound Notebook - This understated green color is the perfect compliment to the classic Clairfontaine paper inside.  Clairfontaine's commitment to environmentally sound practices has won numerous awards. Read more about this on our blog entry Clairefontaine's Earth Friendly Paper.

Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen - This pen is unique in so many ways! When it is capped it is compact as can be, but posts as long as a regular pen. It can be filled with your favorite green fountain pen inks.

Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen P460 - This fun fountain pen would be a great gift for even your youngest green-loving friends. Used widely by European students the Pelikano Fountain looks great and may even help improve handwriting. This pen is also available in a left-handed version.

J. Herbin La Perle des Encres Fountain Pen Ink - As discussed in our June 9th posting bottled ink is good for the earth and for your pocket. We've found that the green inks in the J. Herbin collection are especially vibrant.

Noodler's Ink also has a nice variety of green inks for a friend's favorite fountain pen.

Green Lotus Rice Paper - Harvested from the branches of the mulberry tree rice paper does not require any trees be cut down. In face, harvesting the bark for this paper does not even harm the mulberry tree! In addition no harsh chemicals or bleach were used to dye this paper. Wrap your gift in beautiful and environmentally friendly paper!

The Gardens of the Alhambra Board Game - The delightfully green colored game pieces build a garden as they are placed on the board. This simple-to-learn game is even enjoyed by non-game-geek family and friends.

October 07, 2009

We've Got the Blues - Gift Ideas

Blue is a color that can be exciting, calming, sophisticated, and bright. Because of this it is loved by many, including some of us at Writer's Bloc! Here are a few gift ideas for the blue enthusiasts in your life:

Quo Vadis Habana Journal - The long anticipated blue Habana journal is finally here!

Live Inspired Reporter Style Notebook - The Why Not? notebook is filled with illuminating quotes that inspire both ideas and actions.

Pentel Slicci Pen - With 6 different shades ranging from Blue Black to Baby Blue their favorite hue of blue is bound to be in this collection of extra fine gel pens.

Pelikan Souveran M405 Blue - This high-quality fountain pen will absolutely make your favorite writer's day!

Platinum President Fountain Pen - The long-lasting and luxurious Platinum President in vibrant blue is especially treasured by those with small handwriting and those who love fine nib pens. 

LAMY Safari - This well-loved line of fountain pens combines economy with a smooth writing experience.

LAMY Al-Star Fountain Pen - The same smooth writing experience as the LAMY Safari in a snazzy metallic body.

Noodler's Bad Blue Heron Ink - This brand new ink from Noodler's is "bulletproof" and designed to resist the tools of the forger!

Noodler's Periwinkle Eternal Ink - This stunning ink is inspired by the color of the blue curve of a Periwinkle Snail's shell.

Happy shopping!

August 04, 2009

Gift Ideas for people who love Orange!

Perhaps you have not noticed from our selection of products, but we at Writer's Bloc like the color orange. A lot. You probably know somebody, perhaps with a fun, outgoing, slightly quirky, personality that also loves orange (or perhaps you are that person). If you want to make that person's day with a great gift here are some ideas for what to get them!Quo Vadis Habana Journal - Small, Red or Orange

Quo Vadis Habana Journal- Simple, sophisticated, vibrant design makes this journal perfect for any writer.

Rhodia Large Wirebound Pad and Rhodia Pencils- You can't talk about orange without talking about Rhodia. These two items are a fun twist on office basics.

Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen

Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen and LAMY Limited Edition Fountain Pen- These are not your grandfather's fountain pens. These unique instruments are perfect to add to-- or start!-- a great fountain pen collection.

Orla Kiely Large Bound Notebook in Striped Petal and Live Inspired Reporter Style Notebook- Something Beautiful- Distinctive designs from two of our newest product lines.

Happy shopping!

July 28, 2009


A teacher once told me, "Live for today, but look to where you want to be ten years from now." One of the prompts for my college entrance applications was, "Imagine you are 80 years old, surrounded by your family and friends and they ask you to talk about what you have accomplished so far in life. What would you like to tell them?"

Both of these questions have helped me put life in perspective, to treasure seemingly mundane moments and celebrate the big ones. However, my vision of what life will be like in ten years is blurry at best, much less sixty years. It is easier for me to ask myself, "where will I be five years from today?" This is the exact question that the book "5" created by Live-Inspired strives to help you answer.

"5" is an interactive "play"book (not workbook!). The pages are creative and colorful, and the prompts that you are asked to respond to are engaging. This book doesn't focus on the "I should do's" (like paying off my student loan), but encourages you to plan for the "I can't wait to do's!" (like teaching abroad!)

While "playing" through this book was not a life changing experience I enjoyed it. I really liked seeing my priorities, values, talents, successes and aspirations written down explicitly on paper. I also liked the inspirational quotes, life stories, and crazy ideas on every page.

I think this book would be a great present for a recent grad, a person starting on a new career path, or a new retiree. No matter where we are in life we're planning for what's ahead; this book is a fun reminder that it's never too early or too late to realize our goals.

5 Book by Live-Inspired

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?" --5

May 19, 2009

Gifts for Grads!


Graduation season is officially upon us! Here are some gift ideas to help your grads move on to their next step, whatever that may be.

Laptop Skin 

One of the many perks of starting college is often a new laptop. One fun way to personalize a laptop is with unique laptop skin.

Cooking Diary

Encourage your grad to branch out from fast food and ramen noodles when they move out by giving them this fun cooking diary. You can start it by writing in recipes for their favorite foods, and hopefully they'll fill it with new recipes of their own.

Travel Journal

What a better time to travel than right after high school when responsibilities are low and possibilities are endless? Send your grad on their senior trip with this great travel journal and they'll have memories to look back on for years to come.

LAMY Safari Pen

The LAMY Safari pen is a great gift for anyone, anytime. Hopefully having an awesome pen will encourage grads to continue writing and studying hard. 

Congrats to the CLASS OF 2009! Best wishes on whatever you plan to do next!

May 05, 2009

Thank You Teachers!

We would have little use for great notebooks and awesome pens were it not for the teachers that taught and inspired us to read and write when we were in school, wouldn't you agree? That is why Writer's Bloc wants to thank all our wonderful teachers during TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK (May 3-9) with a sale from May 6-May 11, 2009.

As a student in a rigorous teacher preparation program I have seen that a lot of the unique products offered at Writer's Bloc to be helpful in the classroom. Here is a list of my favorites and why I love them. All of these products will be ON SALE as weekly specials from May 6-May 11! Show your teachers, your children's teachers, and your fellow teachers that you appreciate their hard work with a fun (and useful!) gift. Or, if you are a teacher take advantage and stock up!

Exacompta Club Leatherette Journal

In my experience organized teachers are the most effective. This is a quality I have yet to perfect, but keeping a planner helps immensely. With the format of the 365 undated planner teachers can plan their day to the hour and have ample space to make notes about lessons. It's undated so pages never have to be wasted (for those not-so-organized days) and covers come in a gorgeous array of colors so each teacher can have this great his or her favorite.

STAEDTLER Non-Photo Pencil

This cool pencil writes in a light blue line that is easy to read not reproduced by most photocopiers. Teachers can mark up a worksheet with notes and answers and then use that same sheet to make clean copies for their students! No more worrying about keeping one blank copy on hand, now your master copy is the only one you need.

Clairefontaine Wirebound French Ruled Notebook

European students use French Ruled paper to help them improve their handwriting; teachers could certainly learn this method and use it to help their own students. However, when I looked at this paper I automatically thought, "that looks like a grade book!" I still believe in paper grade books and think this format could be very versatile and be made to fit any grading needs from checks to full paragraph comments.

I would have student names down the side and assignments across the top (then I could just cut off the side edge of the next page so I wouldn't have to write names over and over). I don't have problems with tracking with my eyes, but I thought that using different colored pens or a little time with a straight-edge could help those who do.

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

I enjoy grading papers more if I am using a fun colored pen, but I find that even with certain pens my hands start to tire half-way through the stack and my notes start getting a little sloppy. Fountain pens allow you to write without having to apply hardly any pressure to the pens, saving your fingers from fatigue and unsightly calluses. The Platinum Preppy fountain pen is well within a teacher's budget, comes in great colors, and can be refilled with any of your favorite fountain pen ink colors.

Clairefontaine Music Notebook and Clairefontaine Large Sketchpad

Of course not to be forgotten are our wonderful music and art teachers. I so admire their love and skill for their craft, and their willingness to teach it to children. Help keep their passions alive and burning bright with these elite quality art products from Clairefontaine.

Thank you to all the teachers who inspired me to read, write, question, discover, inquire, believe, and reach-- you'll never know the full impact you've had on me.

February 10, 2009

Kelly's Wish List

Though I am surrounded by hundreds of pens, pencils, and notebooks everyday I cannot possibly (okay, practically) own all of the products that I would like. Here is my wish list of things I would love to call my own. What's on your wish list?

Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen

It was a rare case of love at first sight when I saw the new Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen. That might sound a little extreme, but this shade of deep wine purple is my absolute favorite color and I have been wanting to get a new fountain pen to plan lessons and grade papers when I start student teaching next year.

Pentel Slicci- Set of 8

The Pentel Slicci has quickly become my favorite everyday pen. It's especially good for jotting down notes in the margins of books and articles since it has such a fine tip. I would love to have this colorful set to start my quest of owning all the colors!

Robert Le Heros Journal

I have always admired the size and feel of the Robert Le Heros journals, and the cover design is so pretty! I am coming to the end of my current Clairefontaine journal, maybe this one will be next!


The best part of this game is that in the heat of serious bean negotiations true personalities come out, and they are often surprising and hilarious. Since so many of my friends own this game I haven't picked it up for myself, but when I move away I will definitely have to buy it and take it with me.

Gift Ideas for People Who LOVE Pink

2 Rouge Love

I'm not a super girlie girl, but I absolutely adore pink. This entry is to help you find some gifts for the pink-lovers in your life, I know that I would love to receive any one (or all!) of these. And really most of these recommendations come in a variety of colors, so as long as the receiver likes bright colors you'll probably find a good idea here. Enjoy!

The top picture is of a poly-pro notebook by 2, Rouge. I use this notebook to take notes. The great cover and big spiral binding make it cute and functional-- I don't have to fuss with the notebook to get it to lay flat. I love it because the pages are lined on one side and blank on the other so I can customize how my notes are organized, and it is ultra durable so I can easily write in my lap if needed.

Another new FAVORITE find is the Slicci pen by Pentel. This super-slim gel pen writes smoothly and fits in the hand perfectly. The .25 tip is just fine enough for me, it makes my handwriting look great (even when I'm scrawling in my journal) and I'm never worried about breaking it. I've already given this pen to three of my friends and they all love it. The best part is that there are FOUR different shades of pink! My new goal is to collect all the colors.

When my pink Preppy Pen ran out of ink I refilled it with Noodler's fountain pen ink in Ottoman Rose (as the base color, we played around with it a little bit) and I LOVE the color. It looks like there is just a little bit of blue in this shade, and this gives it a gorgeous deep pink color.

And finally it's a new year, and to me that means its time to start a new journal. The Exacompta Club Leatherette Journal is great because you can mix and match cover colors and paper refills. Of course my favorite cover color is Raspberry, it's bright and beautiful, but not too loud.

So those are my picks for gift ideas for people who love the color pink (and there are no laws against buying gifts for yourself)! I hope it was helpful. Happy shopping!

December 09, 2008

Gift Ideas for Artists

With its elegant glossy black color and long slender body, the LAMY Joy Fountain Pen is the perfect tool to inspire your favorite artist to create fabulous pieces of art. This pen was originally designed for calligraphy, but we have modified it by replacing the calligraphy nib with a regular LAMY fountain pen nib that is good for drawing. From our own experience, this fountain pen is also suitable for left-handed writers and artists.

LAMY Joy Fountain Pen

Noodler's Ink is available in several shades of brown for artists that like to draw detailed pictures in sepia tones. I've seen sketches done using Noodler's Walnut, and I think any of their brown inks would look great in drawings. J. Herbin and Pelikan also make fabulous brown fountain pen inks useful for sketching. If the artist you know uses wash or watercolors with their artwork, then a black fountain pen ink that is also waterproof would be a good gift. Noodler's Ink makes several "bulletproof" or waterproof black inks including Noodler's Black, Polar Black (which is freeze resistant even in very cold climates!) and The Heart of Darkness.

Noodlers Ink Browns

A Clairefontaine Drawing Pad has the perfect paper to complement a fountain pen and ink. The 120g acid-free paper in the notepad shown below is multi-purpose and can be used for pen, pencil, charcoal or pastel drawing. For the artist that uses mostly watercolors, then a Clairefontaine Watercolor Pad with 300g acid-free paper would be the way to go as it is designed for watercolor, gouache, or wash drawing. When your favorite artist receives these gifts perhaps they will even surprise you with a gift of art in return!


October 28, 2008

Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Nostalgia

Do you have any friends that love antiques or collectables? If so, Writer's Bloc has a good selection of gifts that will evoke pleasant memories of days gone by. 

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the many colorful illustrated storybooks that I used to read over and over again. Art Deco 7321 has cleverly incorporated illustrations from classic storybooks into their planners and notebooks. One of my favorites is this Alice's Undated Planner that looks like a well-worn copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This planner even includes an ink pad and alphabet stamps to spice up the contents of your journal.


Whimsical illustrations from Antoine de Saint Exupery's novella Le Petit Prince decorate the pages of Art Deco 7321's Le Petit Prince Small Notebook No. 1 as well as this adorable Le Petit Prince pen & pencil case.


The Ship Credit Card Wallet from Lamb-Lamb has a Victorian era feel to it with lace, roses, forget-me-nots and sailing ship cover design. The small size of this wallet makes it a convenient way to carry your credit cards, ID, membership cards, business cards and more.

Ship Credit Card Wallet

The Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen has been produced with the same basic design for over 50 years. Perhaps your grandparents even used this pen! "Sport" pens have a screw on cap that makes them ideal for carrying in a pocket, but they post at a good length for writing. What a great way to complement the gift of a planner or journal with a nostalgic design.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

September 23, 2008

Gift Ideas For Geeks

Although Writer's Bloc does not sell electronic gadgets, "I Love Geeks" coffee mugs or Diet Coke, which seems to be the geek drink of choice, we do have several geek-friendly gift items!

Most Geeks I know do not spend much time with pen & paper, instead they prefer to record and schedule using a PDA, laptop, or whatever device is handy. In the professional environment, many Geeks spend hours each week in corporate meetings brainstorming new projects or discussing the progress of current projects. The Behance Action Book is the perfect companion, designed to turn ideas into actions and boost productivity. Each page has 4 sections to help prepare for meetings, focus on action steps, jot down backburner items and keep track of reference items. Reading Behance's philosophy, called the "Action Method", made me realize this book would be a welcome tool in many a Geek's laptop bag!

Behance Action Book

If your favorite Geek is going to have a Behance Action Book, why not pair it with a refillable rollerball pen? I like the J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Pen because of the smooth way it writes and the wide variety of J. Herbin Ink colors that it can be refilled with.

J Herbin Rollerball Pen

Geeks often are big fans of board games that involve some strategy. If so, a new Eurogame is a welcome surprise! Eurogames are hugely popular in Germany as well as several other European countries and are currently building popularity in the USA, so why not introduce your Geek to them? A couple of favorites here at Writer's Bloc are Citadels with the Dark City Expansion and Taluva (any game involving islands and volcanoes has got to be good!).


If your favorite Geek is female, Writer's Bloc has some fun skins, or stickers, to personalize her laptop and Nintendo DS Lite. These skins can easily be removed and leave behind no sticky residue. My personal favorites are the Cat Laptop Skin and the Wonderland Slim Skin for the Nintendo DS Lite. Your male Geek friend may prefer a sporty skin for his classic iPod such as the iPod 5G Soccer Slim Skin.

Skins - Cat Laptop & Soccer iPod.jpg

June 03, 2008

Great Gift Ideas

At the end of the first sunny day of this Spring I got a plane and left for New York. I arrived to a city on a dreary, rainy day and thought, "It's just like home!" However, I soon learned that was not true at all. My friend and I would've been completely lost in among the skyscrapers, subways stations, and high-heels had it not been for the friends we met in Manhattan. One girl actually took two weekends out of her life just to show us around! I found out that she likes pens and paper as much as I do, so I thought that to say thank you I would put together a little something from Writer's Bloc for her. I wanted to share what I put together, hopefully it will give you some ideas for the next gift you buy.

I wanted the gift to be imaginative and fun, but also something that she would find some use for (not a lot of room for extra clutter in NYC apartments!) To help her keep all her papers in a safe place I got her a Magic Soup Portfolio in Rainbow, but since there was no paper in it yet I used it to hold all the other presents. The main   present was the Clairefontaine GraficFlow notebook, very artsy and chic. To compliment an introduction to this amazing paper I had to introduce her to fountain pens, and of course I got her my favorite Pink Platinum Preppy pen. I also included a colorful One Fine Day memo pad and a set of cute erasers- always useful and small enough to carry in her purse as she races through the city everyday. She also introduced us to a lot of her friends who treated us to dinner many times, so as a small thank you to them I sent her a couple boxes of Love Pet Pens and asked her to hand them out to all our new friends.

It took a while but I was very happy with what I ended up putting together. Honestly, I loved everything in it, and anything I don't already own I will have  soon enough. She called a few days later to say thanks and that she loved everything! Success! .

Do you have a favorite pen, notebook, or other item that you love giving as a gift? We're going to have a lot graduates this June, some heading off to college and others jumping into the "real world" of work, any ideas on what to get them? I would love to hear your gift ideas!