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Environmentally Friendly Writing Tools

When you live in a city like Portland you cannot help but be environmentally conscious. When I shop my eyes dart directly to products labeled "organic" "local" "sustainable" and of course, "post-consumer recycled." Naturally, we carry many eco-friendly products at Writer's Bloc, and to help those of you who love the environment as much as you love to write here is a quick overview of the environmentally sound products that we carry!


The inspiration for this blog was the new Bamboo Notebooks from WRITERSBLOK. Bamboo grows quickly and prolifically, therefore making it an easily sustainable resource. These notebooks are made from 100% sustainable bamboo pulp paper and moreover, 2% of all sales from WRITERSBLOK goes to literacy programs around the United States. A great notebook from a company that is both environmentally and socially conscious! 


Clairefontaine prides itself for being an environmentally conscious company. All Clairefontaine paper is produced using pulp from sustainable forests and using responsible energy sources. Their notebooks have been certified by the PEFC, an internationally recognized forest certification organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. Visit www.pefc.org for more information.


Another company that is stepping up to the plate is Behance. The Behance Dot Grid Journal and Behance Action Journal are both filled with 60lb New Leaf Paper. New Leaf Paper is 100% recycled, processed chlorine free, and manufactured with renewable energy. According to their website over the last decade New Leaf products have saved over 3 million trees and 900 million gallons of water!


In their collection of planners, Quo Vadis has included the Quo Vadis Textagenda Academic Daily Planner which contains 100% post consumer recycled paper, In addition, all of the refillable planners and journals from Quo Vadis and Exacompta are inherently less wasteful as you can use the same cover multiple times.


There is some concern about feathering when using recycled paper; Noodler's Ink has addressed this problem with the Noodler's X-Feather Ink- a slow drying, limited penetration ink that prevents feathering on especially absorbent paper. 

Of course, fountain pens are environmentally sound as you can refill and use them for years to come. Platinum takes this a step further- the barrels of the Preppy Fountain Pens and Preppy Refillable Highlighters are made from recycled polycarbonate.



Similarly the Pentel Slicci Gel Pens are made from 87% recycled plastic. You can use these colorful pens on the Bob's Your Uncle Writer's Block ,made from recycled paper this is a colorful and responsible way to jot down notes.


The next time you wrap a gift for a friend consider using Rice Paper instead of conventional wrapping paper. This beautiful paper is actually harvested from the bark of the paper mulberry tree, which does not harm the health or growth of the tree. Moreover, rice paper is dyed naturally, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals.


Need an idea for a gift? Consider Eco Fluxx, a well-known game with an environmental twist, Eco Fluxx conveys the message that your all of your actions affect the environment for better or for worse.

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Thanks for the great blog post. Don't forget that iron gall based fountain pen inks also resist feathering on even poor quality papers.

Here are several (bottled only, not cartridges):
Lamy Blue-Black
Mont Blanc Blue-Black
Diamine Registrar's Ink
Rohrer and Klingner Salix
Rhorer and Klingner Scaboisa

I love the Preppy pens! Great roundup!


Thanks for the shopping list and tip about the iron gall based inks!

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