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When Should You Refill Your Eyedropper Pen?


Here's a handy tip from Noodler's Ink about when to refill your eyedropper pens:

Eyedropper pens "should be refilled when 2/3rds empty as more than 2/3 air in the chamber can cause expansion/excess flow from the heat of your hand."

We also found it helpful when refilling our eyedropper pens to leave the ink level in the barrel about 1/4" lower than where the end of the main part of the pen will be when it is screwed together. This will help you to avoid some of the mess when refilling.

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I just bought this combo and love it. I am wondering where to find out about who manufactured the pen itself and if it is available in different nib sizes - that or where to find other eyedropper pens. Thanks.

The eyedropper pen that comes with Noodler's Borealis Black is a Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen and you can get it at Writer's Bloc. Currently it is available from the USA distributor with a fine nib. Our favorite fountain pen that can be converted to eyedropper is Kaweco Sport Classic or Sport Ice. The Kaweco Pens have a medium nib. The Pilot Petit 1 can be converted to an eyedropper as well.

Hi From Turkey To Everybody !
I inspected same issue with Wality 69TL eyedropper fountain pen.
I was feeling my own eyedropper FP on every 1/4 of barrel.
I am happy to read this article which verify precisely my own theory of air enlargemet for the heating reason causing by our hands. And I also I checked barrel inner ink temp related to room temp. Ink temp is 4-8 degr.C greater than room temp.

Best Regards

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