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Protect Your Precious Pens!

Do you own at least one or two high-end writing instruments such as fountain pens? Have you been bitten by the pen collectors bug? (As far as I know there is no simple cure for this.) Or are you just particular about being organized and keeping your pens in perfect condition? If you usually only use one or two pens at a time, what do you do with the rest when they are not in use? What’s an effective way to carry the pens you want to use? Thankfully, previous generations of pen collectors have designed attractive and practical solutions for writers who adore pens.

Besides being attractive, many pen cases are specially designed to keep objects, including other pens, from bumping, scraping and scratching your writing tools. Pen cases help to keep your pens safe if they should fall from a desk. Leather pen cases are much classier (and less nerdy) than a plastic pocket protector for carrying pens in a shirt or jacket pocket. They can keep your pens organized at home or in your purse or briefcase. Pen cases give you the satisfaction of knowing that your writing instruments are being given the greatest of care.

(Aston Leather Single Pen Slip Case)

If you like to carry around a single writing instrument there are several styles of cases designed for a solitary pen. A very simple case for a single pen is a basic, unlined leather pouch. This kind of pen pouch is an affordable way to experience the benefits of protecting your pens. These simple pouches also come in a larger size for carrying two pens, but they do not prevent the pens from touching each other.

(Aston Leather Quad Pen Case)

Another style of pen case is the type that has individual pockets for each pen, kind of like the fingers in a glove. These cases often close with a flap that slides under a strap. As each pen is placed in its own pocket, the clip is often placed outside of the pocket to clip the pen securely inside. These pen cases come in different sizes to hold different numbers of pens – typically they hold anywhere from one to four pens.

(Aston Leather Double Pen Hard Case)

A similar kind of case is the leather pen box or firm case. This type of case has slots that the entire pen, clip and all, slides in and out of. They often have a flap that tucks into a pocket or under a strap to keep the case closed. Aston Leather makes it easy to get the pens in and out by allowing the top part of the hard case to open up. These cases often hold from one to four pens total.

(PlePle Candy Wrap Pen Case)

Wrap pen cases, when open, are a flat rectangular piece of cloth or leather that on one side has pockets to slip your pens into. To secure your pens into this case it is best to clip them to the edge of the pockets if possible. Some of these cases have pockets for individual pens, other have larger pockets that hold 2 or 3 pens each. There is a flap that goes over the top of your pens once they are inside. Then the case is rolled up or folded and secured with a tie or strap. Depending on the number of pens in the case, the case size and materials, some of these wrap cases can get a bit bulky when rolled. Often these cases can hold approximately 5 to 10 or more pens.

(Zippered Case to hold 10 pens)

If you have a collection of 10 or more pens there are large storage solutions available. Leather cases that open like a book and have a zipper closure are popular. Inside there are elastics that secure the top and bottom of each individual pen. A piece of protective material that prevents the pens on one side of the case from touching the pens on the other side of the case is placed between the two covers before you zip the case closed. You can get this type of case in different sizes ranging from a small case that holds 2 or 3 pens, to a large case that holds 40 pens.

There is also special furniture available for pen collectors to carefully store their pens. Some of this furniture is in the style of a display case with a glass top so that you can see your beautiful pens. Other furniture has slim drawers for storage purposes. There is quite a variety of pen storage furniture!

This is not a complete list of pen storage solutions, instead we wanted to introduce you to several stylish and practical ways to protect your beloved writing tools. What methods do you use to protect your fountain pens and other writing instruments?

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I like that zipper case, something i would be interested in picking up.

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