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How to Replace the Nib on a LAMY Fountain Pen

If your LAMY fountain pen nib gets damaged, or if you just want to use a different kind of nib for writing such as a fine nib instead of a medium nib, it is nice to know that LAMY fountain pen nibs are easily replaced.

First, wipe off any ink from your fountain pen nib.  Next, starting at the edge of the ink feed and working your way down to the end of the nib, firmly adhere a few inches of clear, plastic tape to the front of the nib. Be sure to make the piece of tape long enough so that you will be able to pull on the end of the tape. Do not use magic tape, as this will tear too easily. Transparent tape for general office use or packing tape should work. Then, pull the tape slightly down and away from the pen and the nib should slide off of your fountain pen.

To put on the new nib. just line it up with the ink feed and push it on firmly. This method is commonly used by LAMY fountain pen users and will not scratch or damage the nib. Easy!

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Wow! That is convenient. No wonder Lamy fountain pens are popular.

Thanks for the instructions. Between this and the fact that you sell black replacement nibs for Lamy fountain pens, I think I might be making a purchase soon. :)

I just tried this out on my two new LAMY pens and your advice was, shall we say, picture perfect! Excellent. Many thanks.

Fantastic!!! super easy and works great.

Hi just to say thank you for posting this informative piece specially the pictures I really appreciate it.

Thank you! This is much more sensible than my previous method (which involved a broad rubber band and my teeth).

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