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Can a Left-Handed Writer Use a Fountain Pen?


The rainbow of ink colors available to fountain pen users has been tempting me for sometime to buy a fountain pen. Lime green and orange are my favorite colors and it would be a treat to have a fabulous, smooth-writing pen filled with these vibrant shades. I've heard it said that fountain pens are not for lefties, but the Classic Fountain Pens, Inc website gives me hope.

Now I must figure out what pen will work for me. The Classic Fountain Pens website says I am an "overwriter" which means that I am at risk of smearing ink and could end up with a very colorful palm if I don't get the right nib/ink/paper combination. I've heard that the best nib for a lefty should not be too fine or too broad, the type of ink must dry quickly and the paper must not have a finish that prevents ink from drying quickly.

Are there any left-handed fountain pen users out there that can come to my rescue? What do you use that works? What are your favorite pens, nibs, inks and paper? I'd love to hear from you!!


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I'll be curious to hear responses to this one too! I'm a leftie too and I've been wanting to get a fountain pen lately...hope someone has some advice!

I hope we get some responses to this too. In the meantime, I decided to start with an inexpensive Preppy fountain pen as a test - http://www.shopwritersbloc.com/platinum-preppy-fountain-pen.html
I'll be posting an update later after I try a few things out.

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